Laurie loves to be in the recording studio, and has over 30 recordings to her credit, as a member of several bands as well as free-lance session playing.

She has recorded with Abigail’s GardenTRP (The Reese Project), SusquehannaWyndfall, Muzette, Gypsophilia, and also with Ira Sullivan and Strings Attached. Recording session work includes Jon Anderson (of YES)’s Christmas album, Jesse Yawn, Empty Hats, Arcona Reel Band, Harmony Hill, Bobbi Carmitchell and many others.

Laurie has performed concertos with the Lancaster and York (PA) Symphony Orchestras and the Maui Symphony. She performed as the cellist with the Dela’Art Trio and various string quartets.

LATEST JAZZ RELEASE — The Reese Project: “Comin’ Home Baby” (2013 VectorDisc)



TRP (The Reese Project): Comin’ Home Baby, Blue Etude, Evening in Vermont, This Just In, Eastern Standard Time, Live from Ft. WorthApocalyptic Hayride, Dark Kat, Vicodin Dreams, Viewpoints, We Are Free

Susquehanna: Conversations, Viewpoints

Azure: Acorn

MuZette:  An Early Snow, Opus O’Carolan

Wyndfall: A Second Wynd, Piper’s Dream

Other: Fergie’s JamIra Sullivan and Strings Attached: Update!




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