Miles loves his new costume!

Miles the cat
Miles sleeping

Miles is our adorable, fluffy ragdoll – a most unusual cat, because although Ragdolls are the largest breed of cats, Miles only weighs 10 pounds – counting all his fluff!!  He is not the brightest bulb, but makes up for it with sweetness. He sleeps on my pillow at night, cuddles in the mornings (or just about anytime), and goes with me to teach cello lessons. He is a very social creature, though I’m not sure he’s crazy about student cellists!!  We gave him a nickname, Monkeybrains, teasing him about having monkeys in his head instead of brains. We call him The Monk for short.

My friend Ashley overheard a student call him The Priest instead of the Monk — and being a very creative type, found a costume for him and gave it to him for Christmas!

Here he is modeling his new duds:

What do you think?  Is he proud of his new costume?



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Miles as a Monk!

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