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cello & electric cello

A classically trained musician, Laurie Haines Reese has free-lanced and performed on cello extensively throughout the United States and Europe. She is as comfortable in the recording studio as she is on stage, having been a professional musician since she was seventeen years old.

A versatile musician, she loves working with her flute-playing husband, Tom Reese. She has played and recorded with Abigail’s GardenTRP (The Reese Project), SusquehannaWyndfall, MuZette, Gypsophilia, and also with Ira Sullivan and Strings Attached.  Recording session work includes Jon Anderson (of YES)’s Christmas album, Jesse Yawn, Empty Hats, Arcona Reel Band, Harmony Hill, Bobbi Carmitchell and many others. Laurie has performed with the Lancaster and York (PA) Symphony Orchestras, the Maui Symphony, the Dela’Art Trio and others. Laurie has played concertos with symphony orchestras in Hawaii as well as in Pennsylvania.

MoonDancer2010-smElectric Cello

TRPMoondancer-19Playing jazz cello and holding down bass lines requires extending the range of an acoustic cello. The NS Design 5-string electric cello fit the bill perfectly. Click here to view a listing of Laurie’s instruments and equipment.

Laurie has over 30 recordings to her credit, as a member of several bands as well as free-lance session playing.

NEW RELEASE:  “Comin’ Home Baby” (2013 VectorDisc) — The Reese Project’s newest recording. Laurie plays the funky bass lines on this recording, as well as some improvised solos.


Laurie holds a Master of Music Performance degree in cello from the University of Southern California. While in Los Angeles, studied advanced classical cello repertoire with Eleanor Schoenfeld.

She earned a Bachelor in Music Performance from the University of Miami, Florida, where she played both classical and jazz. She performed regularly with Ira Sullivan and Strings Attached, creating a recording while there called Strings Attached – now available as a CD!  She also free-lanced with various symphony orchestras, a string quartet and a flute quartet.

Following her graduate work in Los Angeles, she moved to Maui, Hawaii to work full-time as a professional musician. While there, she co-founded Chamber Jazz Maui, a trio with Jazlynn Woods and Tim O’Hara, performing a repertoire “from Bach to the Beatles.” She later spent six months in Seattle then ventured back home in 1992, to Pennsylvania, for what was supposed to be a short visit! 20 some years later, she is very happy in her life in Pennsylvania, with her husband, her gardens and three cats.


Laurie Haines Reese plays the following instruments live and in the studio:

Acoustic Cello

German acoustic cello from the 1850’s

Electric Cello

NS Design 5-string electric cello with low F string


Wilhelm Shuster with an ivory frog — approximately 150 years old


Shadow stereo pick-up (for the acoustic cello)


Fishman Loudbox amp


Boss ME-80 effects processor (pedal system)

Boss RC-30 Loop Station


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