Laurie Haines Reese, celloLaurie Haines Reese


cello & electric cello

Cello was the instrument that Laurie decided to play as a youngster. Playing since she was eight years old, she now performs and teaches full-time. She loves the variety in performing “beyond classical music,” so she plays jazz, Irish/celtic, blues and original music with several bands. She also free-lances in the classical world, playing for several churches and orchestras.

Laurie has performed throughout the US & Europe. She has recorded with  Tom ReeseAbigail’s GardenTRP (The Reese Project), SusquehannaWyndfall, MuZette, Gypsophilia, Ira Sullivan and Strings Attached, Jon Anderson (of YES)’s Christmas album, Jesse Yawn, Empty Hats, Arcona Reel Band, Harmony Hill, Bobbi Carmitchell and others. She has performed as a Concerto Soloist with orchestras & as a Chamber Musician.

Here is TRP (The Reese Project) playing “Ijiki”.



Laurie Haines Reese, electric celloElectric Cello

Laurie has developed a unique style of strumming, plucking and bowing. Playing jazz and folk music, holding down bass lines in addition to bowed solos, required extending the range of the acoustic instrument. This type of playing requires a lot of pizzicato, or plucking the strings. The NS Design 5-string electric cello fits the bill perfectly. It has an “extra” low string, very useful for playing those low bass notes! She plays the electric with TRP (The Reese Project), and sometimes with other groups.



TRP (The Reese Project) playing the celtic tune, “Johnny’s Gone to France.”



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